29 Mar 2016

Remove the posters denigrating Hindu beliefs from the Dairy Queen in Kemah, TX

Mr. John P. Gainor Jr.,
CEO Dairy Queen

We the undersigned are writing this petition with a request to bring your attention to rather ugly and untowardly posters messages denigrating and insulting Hindu beliefs put up at a Dairy Queen in Kemah, Texas.

As proud immigrants to the USA we are all aware of the iconic brand of Dairy Queen which serves as a neighbourhood ice-cream parlour and eatery. Thousands of practising Hindus visit DQ every day when they want to treat their children for a cup of ice-cream or want to spend some family time together. But recently this pleasant and family friendly image of DQ took a hit due to sad turn of events. When a DQ owner in the town of Kemah, TX Mr.Mohammad Dar, a Muslim U.S citizen of Pakistani origin started displaying absolutely reprehensible sign posts and messages on his DQ business property.READ MORE

26 Jun 2015

A Rejoinder to the New York Times – “Yoga and Sex Scandals: No Surprise Here”


The Editor (Attn: letters@nytimes.com )
New York Times, New York City, NY

Subject: Protest against the recent stupid article on Yoga your newspaper published – “Yoga and Sex Scandals: No Surprise Here”

Link below:


rahul_chandraI am a regular reader of New York Times online edition. A week ago I came across the Yoga article published on your newspaper which makes every effort to link Yoga with „Sex Scandals‟. I am a Hindu by practice and student of Hinduism and was extremely disappointed when I saw the vulgar display in the way a path of Yoga practice „Hatya Yoga‟ was projected and the low subconscious of the author, reviewer and approver of this article in publishing this faith based subject. New York Times is a renowned newspaper which has global readers and is a newspaper which serves as role model to world in depicting cultures, traditions, practices and religions across the world in most respectful and dignified way.

After reading the „Yoga‟ article it seems that some editors and article contributors are moving away from being taking an aesthetic approach to the immoral approach ( „ few scandals highlight ‟ and „ ignorance w.r.t understanding whole picture ‟ „linking scientific research to thousand year old tradition‟) to attract fake fame, attention, controversy, which leads to increase in subscriptions. This approach which is also called as „Tamshik‟ approach (social acts done with an expectation of returns) is not only condemned in Hinduism, but also in other religions. After reading the article it seems like the knowledge of the author and editor who approved this article is very limited and has multiple „ignorance gaps‟, moreover their subconscious is so low as the focus is more towards „sex‟ „sexual organs‟ and „materialistic / physical pleasures‟ „ sexual controversy‟ in reading, writing or publishing articles on culture, faith and literature pertinent to Yoga.

Look like a bunch of article contributors and editors don‟t want to appreciate the beauty of other cultures, traditions and practices in realizing the goal to unite with God which in Hinduism is also known as salvation. In United States there are approx 2 million Hindus and most of them are educated and they do practice Hinduism in forms of Yoga, Meditation, and Deity worship at temples etc. Your article seems to question validity and veracity of Yoga which is not only practiced by Hindus but Christians, Muslims and people of other faith and religions. Millions of people have benefitted from Yoga in terms physical, mental, emotional and spiritual way (references and testimonials can be provided upon request)
I want your editor and the team who wish to write culture/faith based articles to refer good books „Original Texts‟ and literature to get enlightened and remove ignorance.

For your education

Yoga means to unite with God, where an individual soul progresses on the path of spiritual progress towards the realization of the supreme. This supreme may be „Shiva‟, „Brahma‟ or „Shakti „ or a symbol “OM” for Hindus or may be other gods and divine beings for people of other religions and faith.

There are four paths of spiritual progress under Yoga practice: – Jnana yoga (Knowledge); Karma Yoga (Action ritual and Practice, Performance); Bhakti yoga (Path of devotion; Raja yoga (Meditation). These are the major paths which you can see in Yoga schools worldwide.

All these yoga paths have been assimilated in the different philosophies and the religions to suit their needs. In this process of adoption, the „yoga‟ paths attain the „brandings‟ specific to the schools in to which they are absorbed. For example „Hatha-yoga‟ absorbed in to the Shakti-religious faith (there are six faith based practices in Hinduism). „Shakti‟ tradition‟ is one of them (Hindus who worship Goddess Shakti or Durga) which has great number of books called „tantras‟ mentions the method of employing the various sounds („mantras‟) for the interaction with the cosmos and for spiritual progress.

Tantric spiritual practices and rituals thus aim to bring about an inner realization of the truth; the term tantra and the notion of superlative sex are erroneously linked. Here under Shakti tradition the fusion of Shiva and Shakti (spaciousness and energy), the goal here is not physical pleasure but true self realization and infinite knowledge. This is important for team to understand that the term „Ananda‟ mentioned in many Hindu sacred texts doesn‟t mean „sexual pleasure‟ but „spiritual pleasure‟. I recommend before writing articles on faith / culture/ practices refer to original texts and genuine books, for example to get insight into Hinduism you need to have basic Sanskrit (if not Vedic Sanskrit) as English language can‟t translate the „correct‟ meaning of Vedic Texts and has words that don‟t match with Sanskrit words.

Your mentioning “The rites of Tantric cults, while often steeped in symbolism, could also include group and individual sex.” is an act of blasphemy and religious bigotry towards millions of Hindus under Shakti based Tantra faith tradition.

Now looking from scientific point of view: Your mention of „Hatha yoga‟ where your article say it „fuse male and female aspect‟ „charge was that practitioners indulged in sexual debauchery under the pretext of spirituality‟ – I want to ask you one question, aren‟t you born as a result of fusion of your father sperm and mother ovum which was a result of intercourse, which common people classify under as „sex‟ (let me go scientific here). Infact not only you, every object in this universe is formed as a result of fusion between spaciousness and energy. Why today‟s 21st science is not able to create Human or any living species in labs, why? No answer. Because you need to accept the laws and rules of Divine and Supreme Being for me that can be „Goddess Shakti‟ for others it may be Gods and sacred beings of their religion.

“Because there were so many violations going on in California” „or “sexual molestation”– Want to mention here that these acts are more of an individual acts which no way relates to a particular practice, tradition or faith. Still on a daily basis you can read news in prominent media about teachers getting suspended for having sex with student or women getting molested, do all such subjects practice Yoga – No. There are around thousands of Yoga teachers and hundreds of schools alone in U.S. – if a bunch of them involve in „bad acts‟ You can‟t generalize all or say that “ because Yoga results in „result in bursts of brainwaves‟ „foster autoerotic bliss‟ „ greater joy and happiness‟ it‟s promoting „sex scandals‟ or driving the Yoga guru and student towards sex‟. What about hundreds of examples where student and teachers involve in sex don‟t do Yoga? Any answer. Try to introspect on this.

On request I can provide you tens of literature evidence to challenge your article. Your article which tries to justify some scientific studies in depicting Hatya Yoga as „sexual‟ practice is absurd and doesn‟t hold ground and lacks true factual integrity. Because of space limitation on letter standards, I end here with a request.

I want to request you to appoint the editors, article contributors and approvers who have knowledge, insight and connections with authentic and verified Hindu Tanks, Hindu scholars and organizations to refer, take guidance before publishing such disgusting and stupid articles in such a prominent newspaper. If required I can help you link your „culture/religion/faith‟ department with such genuine scholars and groups in U.S.

Also such ignorant article contributors and approving editors should realize that it‟s not the era of 18th and early 19th century when skills and tools require publishing such literature with „Racist western colonial ignorant mindset‟ was a result of freedom of speech that is prevalent in the West is often misused against Hinduism, in this 21st century followers of faith tradition, practices are very proactive in reading, discussing, sharing, publishing authentic and genuine literature, they have tools and resources to defend such acts of blasphemy and bigotry. In this information technology era such stupid literature and the „hidden immoral „agenda is doomed to fail.

You can reach me by phone or email for question or reply.

Best Regards

Rahul Chandra

Houston, TX

26 Jun 2015

HMSA Global Affairs Committee Writes To Washington Post

Hindu Mahasabha of America Inc.
(Hindu Congress of America)
Global Affairs Committee

13500 W. Airport Blvd., Ste. B #104, Sugar Land, TX 77498, Tel. 832-436-1619, http://hmsamerica.org

December 31st, 2010

The Editor
The Washington Post
1150 15th Street NW
Washington, DC 20071

Dear Sir,

Re: Story by Emily Wax on Gujarat posted 12/28/2010

(Ref. – http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/12/27/AR2010122704519.html )

Many in the USA, long accustomed to the steady stream of appalling misogynist stories from Afghanistan over the decade, would be wonderstruck, reading  Emily Wax’s article (WP, 12/28/2010) about a young Muslim girl, Rubina, who is making a life for herself by ignoring the radical islamists and embracing education in her native place of Gujarat (India). To sex up her story, Ms. Wax incorporates in her narrative the “bad Hindus” against whom Rubina is painted to be struggling, seemingly more so than even against the mullahs. However, this is where the story falls into a pit of incredibility, and collapses – at least in the eyes of those who know Gujarat.

pradip_parekhYou see, the Muslims of Gujarat, ruled by the Wax’s “bad Hindus”, enjoy a literacy level at 76pct that is at least 10 percent higher than the Indian national average.  Wax should have allowed herself to be educated on this point from, among many sources, a well known report by the justice Sachar committee that was appointed by Prime Minister  Singh to investigate the state of education among the Indian Muslims. Now, this elevated state of Muslims in Gujarat is hardly surprising because Gujarat, governed by the Wax’s “bad Hindus”,  has been acknowledged formally as the “best governed” state led by its highly rated popular leader, the one and only Mr. Narendra Modi. This acknowledgement of the spectacular success of Modi’s Gujarat is across the board in India – and in many parts of the world too – including Mr. Modi’s super-jealous opponents.

In Mr. Modi’s Gujarat, Rubina does not need to “defy” the mullahs – as would be the case in Afghanistan; ignoring them is all it takes. A simple willingness to study in schools, aided by family support which she has is enough, like hundreds of thousands of Muslim girls in Gujarat have, as would be the case in all civilized countries.  This is not some mysterious phenomenon in the Gujarat of “bad Hindus” as Wax would want her impressionable American readers to think; it is an every day simple fact of life in Gujarat. It wouldn’t be improbable if Rubina’s performance is lackluster compared to many Muslims girls in Gujarat. Does Wax know that in the last election in Gujarat a record number of Muslims voted for Mr. Modi’s BJP party? May be that is an inconvenient truth for her.

Now, about that unfortunate infamous riots in Gujarat in 2002. It is important to recall the circumstances that led to the riot.  The train in Godhra that was set aflame, engulfing scores of Hindu pilgrims was the last straw that broke the camel’s back. India until that point had witnessed a long string of terror incidents from Pakistani connected sources against which the Indian government was a helpless mute spectator.  The Indian parliament was attacked, the trains in Mumbai bombed, large gatherings of people were bombed in many cities across India, including Hindu holy places and the capital New Delhi, ethnic cleansing of Hindus in Kashmir was complete, and on it went. Many leaders then said the Hindus did not feel safe in their own country while the terrorists were hitting at will. In Godhra what was witnessed was a mob of Indian Muslims killing Hindus out of sheer hate. To make matters worse, the Indian media – which have a reputation for being utterly corrupt and pro-Islam – blamed the Hindus as if the Hindus deserved it! The people felt they had to take the matter in their own hands. It would surprise me if any people, untrusting of their government’s will or ability to protect them, untrusting of the media, feeling under siege, and nobody to trust except themselves would have reacted differently.

The media, however, sought to criminalize the BJP government of Gujarat and went for Modi’s neck. The facts on the ground did not matter. Why? Because Mr. Modi, you see, is not overtly “secular” (read pro-Islam), or apologetic about being a “Hindu”.  Worse, he had vowed to fight terror. How unforgiveable!  Thus, all manners of lies, damn lies were in order to bring down Narendra Modi’s government and destabilize India just as the terrorists had intended. The media did their very best to paint Mr. Modi as criminal, and went on for days, and then weeks and months and years. The prosecuting “secular” attorneys coached the witnesses against Modi and his government. Later, the pro-Islam Congress government in New Delhi abused all its powers to hound Mr. Modi. But Mr. Modi stood alone against all those assaults from the media, prosecutions from a raft of influential “secular” attorneys, abuses of power by the almighty central government in New Delhi, and the threats from the ascendant terror outfits like the rock of Gibraltar. Not only did Mr. Modi come through it all smelling like roses, he made Gujarat the number one state in the country during all that tumult, and emerged more popular with his honesty and efficient governance. Now, that’s a leader worth his weight in gold. It was under these conditions that the “secular” railway minister of India appointed illegally and unconstitutionally an “investigation panel”, which Wax dubiously quotes, that mischievously reported that the Godhra train fire was accidental. This “report” has not amounted to a hill of beans, having been dismissed by the Supreme Court out of hand. Did Wax really not know that? Amazing!

In reality, though, the above is a sad commentary on the politics of India. The Muslims in India make up about 13 percent of the population. The largest Indian political party, the Congress Party led by the Gandhis, has made a policy of pandering to Muslims for its political fortunes in the grossest way that keeps the Muslims at loggerheads with the Hindus who are politically hopelessly divided along many fault lines, albeit most of them quite contrived. Many experts believe the Hindu-Muslim divide is the direct result of the power greedy Congress party that sees its salvation in constantly badgering the Hindus and placating the Muslims. The unelected Prime Minister Singh, a Gandhi appointee, once publicly declared in a policy statement that the Muslims have the first right to the national resources (paid for predominantly by the Hindu taxpayers!).  The Congress party loots Hindu Mandirs (temples) of their received donations, and subsidizes mosques. The Congress Party runs India through a network of appointees loyal only to the Gandhis. India, and its so-called democracy, is so upside down in the hands of Gandhi owned Congress Party that it defies credulity.  It is about time India stepped out of the poisonous, devious “secular” Gandhi rule in favor of the Common Man (CM – chief minister) Modi’s rule. You won’t see any riots, then.

If you wish to discuss this matter and your reporting methodology on Indian and Hindu issues you may kindly get in touch with me at the e-mail or telephone given below.



Pradip Parekh
Convener & Spokesperson
Global Affairs Committee
Hindu Mahasabha of America
Tel. 832-436-1619
E-Mail: pradip.parekh@hmsamerica.org

26 Jun 2015

Hindu Samhati: A Movement Dedicated to Hindu Rehabilitation in West Bengal

Hindu Samhati: A Movement Dedicated to Hindu Rehabilitation in West Bengal
Voice of India Features Correspondent

Many small organizations are also playing role of empowering the Hindu masses at the ground level daily engaging themselves in the issues which have the potential to have larger impact in the longer run. Hindu Samhati or Hindu Solidarity is one such organization which is creating its impact among the people mainly in West Bengal. Formed on 14th February 2008 by renowned Hindu activist and leader Shri Tapan Ghosh, Hindu Samhati has been growing fast strengthening grass root level activism through organizing the masses to resist and protest against any onslaught on Hindus. Earlier seen as a small initiative, Hindu Samhati is now increasing its support base through continuous activism and struggle and drawing people in large numbers towards its programmes.

Hindu Samhati is a non-political organization to address human rights, political rights and social rehabilitation of minorities in Bangladesh and oppressed Hindus in West Bengal. The eastern part of India is facing Islamist onslaught from Bangladesh from where ISI has been sending operatives through its well nurtured network. As the persecution of Hindus continues in Bangladesh, West Bengal is also facing aggressive form of Islamist agenda which is seeking to dominate the State politically and socially. As the vote bank politics results in increasing political clout of the Islamists the challenges before Hindu masses in West Bengal are immense and needs to be met with determination and strong will. The immigration of persecuted Hindus from Bangladesh further requires the Hindu masses of West Bengal to take their responsibilities by helping to rehabilitate them and to seek justice for them.

tapan_ghosh_4The founder of Hindu Samhati, Tapan Ghosh, is known for his commitment towards Hindu cause. Born in May 11, 1953, in West Bengal, he is a distinguished alumnus of City College and Maulana Azad College of Kolkata earning top honours in Physics in 1974. A life of 25 years of relentless service has further strengthened the resolve of Tapan Ghosh to unite Hindu masses to fight against injustice and oppressive attitude of the authorities in the face of ever increasing Islamist aggression. He says, “As someone who has suffered enormously from the Islamist onslaught in eastern India, both after the partition of India as well as the partition of erstwhile Pakistan to form Bangladesh, Islamic terrorism has deeply affected my life and the life of millions in the Indian subcontinent. The horrific events of 1971 where nearly 3 million Bengalis, mostly Hindus were exterminated by the Pakistani military regime left an everlasting impression on me. Since then, I have worked relentlessly for the service and upliftment of people reeling under the scourge of radical Islamic”. His personal experience has helped him in understanding the plight of the Hindus who are forced to face severe repressions at the hands of Islamist fundamentalists aided by a supportive administration and government who mostly act in collusion with these subversive elements.

Hindu Samhati has been successfully engaging itself in the repatriation of young girls, kidnapped by pan-Islamic crime syndicates involved in human trafficking in South East Asia and the Middle East, by creating a grassroots information network in six border districts between India and Bangladesh, which acts as a major transit points. Apart from these activities, Hindu Samhati is organizing youths against planned atrocities targeted at Hindus, forced conversions, abduction, forcible marriage and rape by extremist elements and physical torture of Hindus. The organization has also been resisting grabbing of temple lands, attacks and demolition of temples by organizing protests at the ground level. The organization also makes efforts to carry out relief and rehabilitation works wherever possible to provide succor to the persecuted Hindus in Bangladesh and west Bengal.

While Hindus are facing the brunt of Islamists and Christian missionaries, there are little efforts at the national level to understand the plight of the Hindu people in the regions dominated by so called ‘minorities’ led by extremist elements. It is experienced that larger organizations tend to ignore local incidents terming them as minor failing to understand the fact that these minor incidents are somehow linked to major designs. In such a situation, organizations like Hindu Samhati play much bigger role than they are understood to be playing. They actually fill the gaps and act like cement in the system making the movement all the more strong and dynamic. People like Tapan Ghosh are undoubtedly rendering great service to the motherland in building, nurturing and taking forward such organizations at grass root level and in defending the Indian civilization and culture.

Courtesy: Voice of India Features ( http://voi.org )

Postscript: Shri Tapan Ghosh will be touring the United States from August 4th until August 23rd to present the status of Hindu minorities in Bangladesh, marginalization and victimization of Hindus in West Bengal, and showcase the humanitarian work of Hindu Samhati (Hindu Solidarity) in Eastern India. Mr. Ghosh’s U.S. tour is being sponsored byHindu Mahasabha of America Inc. (aka Hindu Congress of America).  Mr. Ghosh will be speaking to supporters and well-wishers in Houston, New York, Washington D.C., Chicago and San Francisco. American Hindus who wish to have an audience with Mr. Ghosh may contact Mr. Dilip Mehta, President, Hindu Mahasabha of America, by calling 832-436-1619 or sending an e-mail to < dilip.mehta@hmsamerica.org >.

14 Aug 2010

Hindu Memorial Day Observance – Aug. 14th

Hindu Memorial Day Observance – Aug. 14th
Dilip Mehta

dilip_mehta_hmsa_web_thumbHindus are requested to observe August 14th as the Hindu Memorial Day with the purpose of never forgetting the long and most debilitating historical experience ever faced by any community in the course of human history.  The significance of August 14th lies in the fact that this is the day back in 1947 when a large chunk of Hindu territory was handed over to the tormentors of the Hindu society without much of a fight. Hindu Mahasabha of America will be observing the day as a day of rememberance.

Further information can be obtained by calling 832-436-1619 or visiting http://hindumemorialday.org

14 Aug 2010

HMSA 2010 – Annual Meeting Invitation

Annual Meeting of

Hindu Mahasabha of America

(Hindu Congress of America)


Hindu Memorial Day Observance

Houston, Texas

August 14th, 2010, 9:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M.



American Hindu political and community activists are cordially invited to participate in the Annual Meeting of theHindu Mahasabha of America (aka Hindu Congress of America) to be held in Houston, TX on Sat., Aug. 14th, starting 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM. A tentative agenda for the meeting is attached.

The annual meeting provides an opportunity to network with fellow Hindu social and political activists, and having an opportunity to participate in projects of relevance to the Hindu community in the Unites States and shared concerns with the global Hindu Diaspora.

Once your affirmative intent is received, further information will be furnished. Referrals for other potential participants are welcome.


Please send intent of your participation to: houston2010@hmsamerica.org


Tapan Ghosh, Kolkata, India, Human Rights Activist and, President, Hindu Samhati

Dr. Sachi G. Dastidar, Distinguished Service Professor, State University of New York, Author and Political Activist, Latest Book: “Empire’s Last Casualty : Indian Subcontinent’s Vanishing Hindu and Other Minorities”


Socio-political empowerment of American Hindus – pathways to intervention in American politics to serve Hindu interests, and the global impact of American Hindus.


Participants may submit papers/proposals relating to the theme of the meeting. The papers should focus on the socio-economic-political issues relating to American Hindus. The papers should clearly spell out a socio-political vision for American Hindus, with historical experience as a backdrop and civilizational existence as a framework for analyses. The papers must clearly state how the vision could be translated into action, and what benefits the American Hindu community will accrue from such actions. Papers are also invited on prospective actions by American Hindus that may help the persecuted Hindus all over the world.

Suggested Topics (including but not limited to):

  1. Hindus are often under-represented in mainstream American political circles in terms of volunteering for political action. Outline and showcase this phenomenon and propose practical steps to increase the political awareness and participation among American Hindus.
  2. American Hindus engage in mobilizing support for political candidates in American politics but seldom leverage that support to take up relevant community, hindu human rights and civilizational issues. Outline the current political fund-mobilization, then list the actual demands that were made against the funds mobilized and showcase the cost-benefit ratio of such lobbying activities. What would you do to reduce such cost-benefit ratio?
  3. American Hindu identity has progressively been co-opted along ethnic, caste and linguistic lines in the form of  “Indian-American,” “Asian-American, ” or “South-Asian” – outline and showcase the ephemeral nature of such identities against a distinct spiritual framework, and what would you do to reinforce the American Hindu identity.

Suggested length of the papers is 1,500 words. If your paper is accepted please be prepared to make a presentation at the meeting (powerpoint is preferred).

Deadline for submission: August 8th, 2010

Submit to: houston2010@hmsamerica.org


All those who care about the collective existence of Hindus in America and would like to join fellow activsts in the HMSA organization should consider participating in the meeting. The domain of subjects covered at the meeting is defined by political and socio-economic issues.


Meeting participants are expected to take active part in deliberations and volunteer for projects of their choice at the end of the meeting.


India House Houston, 8888, West Bellfort, Houston, TX 77031


Participants bear all conference related expenses, including the following:  (a) travel to Houston and the meeting venue, (b) Hotel, and (c) Registration Fees – $25 per participant. Lunch is included in the registration fees. Meals:  The conference organizing team will provide a light lunch on Saturday. Also, snacks and beverages will be provided throughout the duration of the meeting.


If you plan to attend, your first step should be to make arrangements for your travel to Houston, TX. Please keep the following information in mind before making travel arrangements:

Destination Airports: George Bush International Airport (Airport Code: IAH) and William Hobby (Airport Code: HOU);

Arrive By: 7:00 AM on Saturday, Aug. 14th, 2010; Schedule Return flight after: 8:00 PM on Saturday, Aug. 14th, 2010

Hotel: Please book an appropriate hotel near the meeting venue



Pathways to intervention in American politics to serve Hindu interests

Global impact of American Hindus

The Hindu Agenda in the U.S.

Spreading Socio-political awareness


KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Prof. Sachi G. Dastidar



Essay Competition

Scholarship Awards

Call to Volunteer

HMSA Meeting 2010
Organizing Committee
Dr. Rudranath Talukdar Mr. Dharminder DarganProgram Coordinator Mr. Jay Shah
Mr. Bramh Mishra Mr. Dilip Mehta


Call  (832) 436-1619 or E-Mail: houston2010@hmsamerica.org

06 Dec 2009

HMSA 2009 – Request for Intent

Annual Conference of
Hindu Mahasabha of America
(Hindu Congress of America)

Houston, Texas

Dec. 5th, 2009


U.S. Hindu community activists are invited to participate in the Annual Conference of the Hindu Mahasabha of AmericaHouston, TX on Saturday Dec. 5th, 2009 from 9:00 AM until 7:30 PM. A tentative agenda for the conference is attached.

The conference provides an opportunity to network with Hindu activists, and having an opportunity to participate in projects of relevance to the Hindu community in the Unites States and shared concerns with the global Hindu Diaspora.

Once your affirmative intent is received, further information will be furnished. Referrals for other potential participants are welcome.


Please send intent of your participation to: houston2009@hmsamerica.org ,


If you plan to attend, your first step should be to make arrangements for your travel to Houston, TX. Please keep the following information in mind before making travel arrangements:

Destination: Houston, TX
Arrive By:
8:00 AM on Saturday, Dec. 5th, 2009
Schedule Return flight after:
8 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 5th, 2009


Participants bear all conference related expenses, including the following:  (a) travel to Houston / meeting venue, (b) Registration Fees – $25 per participant. Meals (light breakfast and lunch, and dinner) are included in the registration fees.


Please call Mr. Dilip Mehta @ 713-553-7384 to get the directions to the conference venue.



U.S. Hindu Community

Rebuilding the U.S. Hindu Community

Role of Youth and Women

Session Chair: Mr. Dilip Mehta

At present the U.S. Hindu community is scattered into sectarian, linguistic and casteist lines. The resulting mis-organization results in ineffectiveness in socio-economic-political representation in mainstream America. An assessment of current social organization needs to be made, and programs need to be developed that can help furthering the consolidation of the U.S. Hindu community. A special segment will focus on role of women and youth.

A Call to Re-organize the Hindu Community in the U.S.

Speaker: Mrs. Aneeta Chakrabarty

Global Hindu Human Rights

Human Rights violations against Hindus in Bangladesh,

And the role of the U.S. Hindu Community

Session Chair: Dr. Richard Benkin

Human rights of Hindus in Bangladesh are being violated almost on a daily basis, and yet Bangladeshi establishment has escaped international scrutiny for decades. This session will explore what active role the U.S. Hindu community can play in effectively addressing the issue. The following action-oriented programs will be tabled at the conference, and volunteers sought to work on the ensuing projects. Action Agenda: (a) Create an effective lobbying group that will be unrelenting in defending common Hindu and American interests, while combating those contrary to principles shared by both, (b) Create a body to effectively publicize the human rights abuses and outrages not only to those of us who already know they exist, but also to a more general public, (c) Focus on specific issues, such as the ethnic cleansing of Bangladeshi Hindus by Islamists and their fellow travelers to create effective outrage and opposition, and (d) Create a body for effective and regular public demonstrations and protests.

Social Rehabilitation of Hindu Families

Presenter: Utsav Chakravarty

This project aims to provide support and rehabilitation for women facing discrimination and persecution. The aim is to raise resources and support for those who believe in religious freedom and social equality and future avenues of growth. The project also aims at spreading the message of Love and Progressive Rationalism as encompassed in Hindu Dharma, especially women.