Remove the posters denigrating Hindu beliefs from the Dairy Queen in Kemah, TX

Mr. John P. Gainor Jr.,
CEO Dairy Queen

We the undersigned are writing this petition with a request to bring your attention to rather ugly and untowardly posters messages denigrating and insulting Hindu beliefs put up at a Dairy Queen in Kemah, Texas.

As proud immigrants to the USA we are all aware of the iconic brand of Dairy Queen which serves as a neighbourhood ice-cream parlour and eatery. Thousands of practising Hindus visit DQ every day when they want to treat their children for a cup of ice-cream or want to spend some family time together. But recently this pleasant and family friendly image of DQ took a hit due to sad turn of events. When a DQ owner in the town of Kemah, TX Mr.Mohammad Dar, a Muslim U.S citizen of Pakistani origin started displaying absolutely reprehensible sign posts and messages on his DQ business property.READ MORE