10 Jul 2015

Houston Chapter Hosts Fourth Annual Hindu Sports Day

Houston Chapter Hosts Fourth Annual Hindu Sports Day

houston_hsd_2014Hindu Mahasabha of America (HMSA) aka Hindu Congress of America Houston chapter conducted its third annual Hindu Sports Day (HSD) at Arya Samaj of Greater Houston. The event was hosted and supported by Arya Samaj of Greater Houston.

The idea was to engage Hindu youth in fun activities around the spiritual and moral guidance that is provided by the temples. It was also aimed at providing youngsters with the chance to meet, interact and connect with others of similar cultural background.

This year Hindu Sports Day had six games categories including Spell Bee, Carrom, Chess, Table Tennis, Arts.

Dilip Mehta, President of HMSA along with other dignitaries congratulated and awarded the medals. Kiran Patel, one of the participant mother said ”such events like Hindu Sports Day enable Hindu youth to enjoy and keep updated with traditional Hindu sports and also motivate and inspire Hindu youth”

HMSA would like to thank Arya Samaj of Greater Houston  for the excellent coordinating and assistance they provided for Hindu Sports Day. Arya Samaj of Greater Houston management also acknowledged and appreciated the efforts HMSA is conducting toward Hindu unity, awareness and empowerment.
Media PR Department
Hindu Mahasabha of America
Phone +1 832-800-4672
10 Jul 2015

Hindu Sports Day – Houston – Spring – 2014

Hindu Sports Day
Houston, TX
Spring 2014

Saturday, March 22nd, 2014
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

 All Games Will Be Held At

Arya Samaj of Greater Houston
14375 Schiller Road
Houston, TX 77082

Table Tennis, Chess, Carrom, Art Competition, Spelling Bee , and Outdoor Family Games (Pitthoo, Lemon’s Spoon and Sack Race) Prize Distribution and Valedictory Program

Exercise your mind and body while having some fun with family and friends!
Table Tennis Categories:
Group A – Singles (Open)
Group B – Doubles (Open)
Table Tennis Rules
Speed Chess Open Speed Chess Rules
Carrom Open Carrom Rules
Spelling Bee Categories:
Group A – Middle School – as per current school year
Group B – High School – As per current school year
Spelling Bee Rules
Art Competition Categories:
Group A: Under 18
Group B: Open
Art Competition Rules



This program Schedule is for 22-March-2014


Tournament Timings Room Category Description Coordinator
Art Competition 9 AM – 1 PM Cafeteria Under 18, Open Tanya Anand/Kavita Talati
Spelling Bee 9 AM – 1 PM Library Middle School, High School Megan Kumar
Chess 2 PM – 5 PM Library Open [2 players at one board, 3 boards] Achalesh Amar
Carrom 2 PM – 5 PM Cafeteria Open [4 boards] Varun Anand / Bimal Talati
Table Tennis 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM,2:00 PM – 5:00 PM Lobby Singles, Double [ 2 tables] T.R.N. Rao
LUNCH 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm Cafeteria Bimal Talati
Prize Distribution 5:00 pm Cafeteria Divyakanth Parikh



Fees: $5/- (per participant for each game) to be paid at the time of registration. In form of check or Cash. Make check payable to “Hindu Mahasabha of America”


Gold, SIlver and Bronze medals will be given in each category.

General Instructions:

  • Wear comfortable cloths, suitable for physical activities as per your event
  • We request all participant to bring age and grade proof (unless you are in open category)
  • We will accept check and cash for registration fee
  • Please make check payable to “Hindu Mahasabha of America”

This is a Play, Learn and Network opportunity so please bring positive sportsmanship spirit and enjoy the event


Further Information :

Varun Anand
Event Coordinator
Tel. (832) 800-4672

Bimal Talati
Event Coordinator
Tel. 409-330-1388409-330-1388

Divyakanth Parikh
Program Chairman
Tel. 713-478-1353713-478-1353

10 Jul 2015

HMSA Stall at Janmashtami Celebration at George.R. Brown Convention Center

HMSA Stall at Janmashtami Celebration at George.R. Brown Convention Center – 2012
Rahul Chandra

Hindu Mahasabha of America Inc. (HMSA) had a stall at  Janmasthmi Celebration at George.R. Brown Convention Center Exhibit Hall B3, Houston, TX

hmsa_houston_booth_1_janmashtami_2012HMSA book exhibit featured a great variety of books ranging from Hindu Dharma to Hindu nationalism and current issues Hindus face. The turnover of people buying books was good and interestingly HMSA members witnessed a changing trend where Hindus are buying books on issues impacting 21st century Hindus like religious blasphemy, bigotry, defamation and human rights violation internationally alongside books pertinent to Hindu religion, culture, values. Also posters of Hindu Gods and Goddess were at exhibit.

hmsa_houston_booth_2_janmashtami_2012There were a great variety of books for children too ranging from Hindu epics of Ramayana, Mahabharata to short sacred stories gods and goddess from Amar Chitra Katha to the contemporary Hindu books like “Hindus under seize” by Dr. Subrahmanium Swamy and other authors. HMSA book library has a  great variety of books suiting the need of children, adults and seniors.

Rahul Chandra
Director of Media Relations
Hindu Mahasabha of America (HMSA)
Tel: 832-800-HMSA
E-mail: rahul.chandra@hmsamerica.org


10 Jul 2015

Hindu Memorial Day – Aug. 11th, 2012

hmd_logo_articleHindu Mahasabha of America calls upon Hindus all over the world  to observe August 14th as the Hindu Memorial Day with the purpose of never forgetting the long and most debilitating historical experience ever faced by any community in the course of human history. The significance of August 14th lies in the fact that this is the day back in 1947 when a large chunk of Hindu territory was handed over to the tormentors of the Hindu society without much of a fight. Hindu Mahasabha of America will be observing the day as a day of rememberance.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”
— George Santayana
Saturday, August 11th, 2012

02:00pm – 05:00 pm


Arya Samaj Greater Houston

14375 Schiller Road

Houston, TX 77082


  • Hindu Memorial Day Observance
  • Real Testimonials on Hindu Human Rights Violations
  • Keynote Speeches by Mr. Bal Krishna Gupta, Dr. Gautam Bhai Patel & Dr. Richard L Benkin
  • Presentation and Discussion on Human Rights of Bhutani Hindus, Kashmir Hindus, Afghan Hindus, Pakistani Hindus, Bangladeshi Hindus
  • Guest appearance of Mr. Rahul Pandit, M.D., past president of the Indo-American Kashmir Forum
  • Panel Discussion on Political Empowerment of American Hindus
  • Q and A session

*Light Snacks Will Be Provided

* Admission is free (RSVP required)

*Hindu Literature & Book stalls

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Gautam Bhai Patel

(Internationally renowned Indic Scholar and Author)

Dr. Richard L Benkin

(Eminent International Human Right Activist )

Mr. Bal Krishna Gupta, P.E.

Eminent speaker, survivor of Alibeg concentration camp (near Indi-Pak border) and author of “Forgotten Atrocities Memoirs of a Survivor of the 1947 British Partition of India”

RSVP & Further Information

Rudranath Talukdar 281-701-2328
Rahul Chandra 832-538-9796
Dilip Mehta 832-800-4672
Jay Shah 281-940-5297


Send e-mail to: houston@hmsamerica.org

10 Jul 2015

PRESS RELEASE – Hindu Sports Day – Houston – 2012

PRESS RELEASE: Hindu Sports Day – Houston – 2012
Rahul Chandra

The second Annual Hindu Sport Day was observed on April 21st, 2012. As in the year past, this event was supported by two area temples of Houston, Houston Durgabari and Arya Samaj. The vent was a huge success with over 120 participants contesting for more than 12 categories for five games. The enthusiasm among the parents and participants was motivating and appreciative.

Building on the success of last year, this event brought together Hindu youth and adults in intense competitive spirit. This exemplified the vision of HMSA President Dilip Mehta where Hindu men and Women, boys and girls came together under a non-religious, non-sectarian gathering and showcased their sporting spirit.

HSD once again brought Hindus from all walks of life, from very successful entrepreneurs and multi-millionaires to recent Hindu refugees from Bhutan who were in the early part of realizing their own American Dream. To see them compete as one, under one roof was extremely heartwarming.

The prizes were won by:

Art Competition

(1) Elementary (Gold) – Kanika T (Silver) – Adarsha P (Bronze) – Amogha P

(2) Middle / High School (Gold) – Ria Otwani (Silver) – Navya (Bronze) – Lakshmi

Spelling Bee

(1) Elementary (Gold) – Adarsh Shah   (Silver) – Kanika Talwar  (Bronze) – Anshuman Patil

(2) Middle School (Gold) Pawan    Jajoo Silver – Amol Patil  (Bronze) – Chakra Jonnalagadda

(3) High School (Gold) – Asmita Talukdar  (Silver) – Neil Patel   C. Carrom

Under 18 (Gold) – Sudip Tamang  (Silver) – Anuj Jaju  (Bronze) – Pawan Jaju

(2) Open (Gold) – Hitesh Seal (Silver)  – Gayatri Sista  (Bronze) – Venkatesh Gutta


(Gold) – Sai Chilukoori  (Silver) – Amit Banerjee  (Bronze) – Pratik Pohuja

Table Tennis

Singles – Under 18 Gold – Aditya Dargan  Silver – Krishna Goswami

Singles – Open (Gold) – Rudranath Talukdar  (Silver) – Prakash Goswami

Doubles – Open (Gold)  – Shaan Patel and Sanjay Chauhan (Silver) – Rudranath Talukdar and Aditya Dargan


For Further Information, please contact

Rahul Chandra
Secretary, HMSA
Houston Chapter
E-Mail: rahul.chandra@hmsamerica.org

10 Jul 2015

Hindu Memorial Day 2011 – Houston – Essay Competition Winners

Hindu Memorial Day 2011 – Houston
Essay Competition Winners

The Hindu Memorial Day 2011- Houston – essay competition winners are as follows:

Category – Middle & High School

First – Debomita Bhattacharya
Second – Aditya Dargan
Third – Daksh Kapoor and Mallika Dargan (placed jointly)

Category – College

First – Akshay Goswami
Second – Abhijana Bhatt
Third – Sejal Lahoti

10 Jul 2015

Sports- Day -Winners

Spelling Bee – Results

Anuj Jajoo – Elementary School Group

Anushka Chawla – Middle School Group

Akash Gupta – High School Group

Carom (Open Category Adults):

Vivek Thakurdesai- 1st place

Kishore Chanchalani- 2nd place

Madhav Chamlagye- 3rd place

Carrom (8-12):

Dinesh Chamlagye- 1st place

Anush Patil- 2 nd place

Anuj Jajoo- 3rd place

Art contest (Elementary):

Muskan Chaturvedi- 1st place

Sagar Chawla- 2nd place

Ria Otwani- 3rd place

Art contest (Middle School):

Mallika Dargan- 1st place

Deepa Rai- 2nd place

Art contest (High school):

Durga Dulal- 1st place

Neha Srirvastava- 2nd place

Tresha Gupta- 3rd place

Chess (8-12):

Abhik Bhatt- 1st place

Anuj Jajoo- 2nd place

Prathik Pohuja- 3rd place

Chess (open):

Yash Baxi- 1st place

Shaan Patel- 2nd place

Sumeet Agarwal- 3rd place


1st: Prakash Goswami
2nd: Sanjay Chauhan
3rd: RudraNath Talukdar
1st: Sanjay Chauhan and  Rudranath Talukdar
2nd: Aniket and Vivek Thakurdesai
3rd: Dilip Desai and Surya Chodumella
13-18 category:
1st: Shaan Patel
2nd: Aniket Thakurdesai
3rd: Aditya Dargan
8-12 category
1st: Kishore Goswami
2nd: Anuj Jajoo
3rd and 4th was not decided as the participants left
Table Tennis  Singles:
1st: Prakash Goswami
2nd: Sanjay Chauhan
3rd: RudraNath Talukdar
1st: Sanjay Chauhan and  Rudranath Talukdar
2nd: Aniket and Vivek Thakurdesai
3rd: Dilip Desai and Surya Chodumella
13-18 category:
1st: Shaan Patel
2nd: Aniket Thakurdesai
3rd: Aditya Dargan
8-12 category
1st: Kishore Goswami
2nd: Anuj Jajoo
3rd and 4th was not decided
10 Jul 2015

Protest Against the Ground Zero Mosque

Protest Against the Construction of Ground Zero Mosque
HMSA Houston, TX Chapter

HMSA’s Houston Chapter protested against the construction of the Ground Zero Mosque in collaboration with ACT for America. HMSA is deeply committed to freedom of religion, and explained its rationale for protest against the GZ mosque based on it being seen as a “victory monument” in the wake of 9/11 attacks and demolition of Twin Towers. Had the mosque been a few blocks away and not presented to the world as a ‘victory mosque’ HMSA would not have any issue with it. GZ mosque represents stifling of dhimmi/pagan/heathen/kafir religions by one particular religion, which in itself is against freedom of religion, hence the protests.

HMSA notes that both Islamic and Christian theologies possess a kernel that is intolerant of other faiths. While the Christians have shed their anti-pagan actions in practice during the post- European Renaissance phase, Islam has yet to go through that transformation. It is hoped that Islam would also shed its anti-Kafir actions in the near future and get itself admitted to the global commonwealth of religions with religious/spiritual pluralism as an operating philosophy. Thence, obviating the need for such protests.


14 Aug 2010

HMSA 2010 – Annual Meeting Program

Annual Meeting – 2010 & Hindu Memorial Day

Saturday, August 14th, 2010
India House, Houston, TX

The Program

SESSION I (09:30 AM – 10:45 PM : 1 hr 15 mins)

Theme: Socio-Political Empowerment of American Hindus and collective action

Presiding: Rudranath Talukdar

09:30 AM       INAUGURAL: Welcome & Commencement (Dilip Mehta)

09:45 AM       Purpose & Expectations (Rudranath Talukdar) Introduction, discussion agenda and program outline

10:00 AM       Dr Sachi Dastidar – Bangladeshi Hindus and their struggle

10:15 AM       Pathways to political intervention (Prof. Sachi G. Dastidar)

10:30 AM       Shefali Dastidar – Women empowerment

10:45 AM       Closure of first session (Rudranath Talukdar)

 SESSION II (11:00 AM – 12:15 PM: 1 hr 15 mins)

 Theme: Global impact of American Hindus
 Presiding: Jay Shah
 11:00 AM       Purpose & Expectations (Jay Shah)
 11:10 AM       (Shri Tapan Ghosh)
 The global impact of political action by American Hindus – Tapan Ghosh
 Role of American Hindus in human rights defense of Hindus in Bangladesh
Global Hindu Issues & Hotspots
11:45 AM       Role of American Hindus in human rights defense of Hindus in Bangladesh
12:00 Noon    Combined Panel Discussion

( Dr. Dastidar, Tapan Ghosh, Dharminder Dargan, Rudranath Talukdar)

 12:30 PM       Adjourn for lunch
SESSION III (01:30 PM – 5:30 PM: 4 hrs 0 mins)

Theme: Hindu Memorial Day Observance & Essay Contest Award Function

 Presiding: Dharminder Dargan
01:30 PM       Background information Videos
02:00 PM       Introduction & Concept (Dharminder Dargan)
02:15 PM       Memorial Day Observance (led by Shri Dilip Mehta)
02:30 PM       Partition Testimonies – #1 Vapari Malani
02:45 PM       Partition Testimonies – #2  TBD
03:00 PM       Partition Testimonies – #3  Mrs. Malhotra – Partition Survivor  (TBC)
03:15 PM       Essay Competition – Historical Background & Process (Dharminder Dargan)
03:30 PM       Essay Competition Award #3 (Jay Shah & Presentation by The Awardees)
03:45 PM       Essay Competition Award #2 (Bramh Mishra & Presentation by The Awardees)
04: 00 PM      Essay Competition Award #1 (Rudranath Talukdar & Presentation by The Awardee)
04:10 PM       KEYNOTE ADDRESS – The Situation Today (Shri Tapan Ghosh)
04:30 PM       Volunteer Sign-up & Call for Support (Shri Rudranath Talukdar)
05:00 PM       Vote of Thanks & Adjournment (Shri Dilip Mehta)