PRESS RELEASE: Hindu Sports Day – Houston – 2012
Rahul Chandra

The second Annual Hindu Sport Day was observed on April 21st, 2012. As in the year past, this event was supported by two area temples of Houston, Houston Durgabari and Arya Samaj. The vent was a huge success with over 120 participants contesting for more than 12 categories for five games. The enthusiasm among the parents and participants was motivating and appreciative.

Building on the success of last year, this event brought together Hindu youth and adults in intense competitive spirit. This exemplified the vision of HMSA President Dilip Mehta where Hindu men and Women, boys and girls came together under a non-religious, non-sectarian gathering and showcased their sporting spirit.

HSD once again brought Hindus from all walks of life, from very successful entrepreneurs and multi-millionaires to recent Hindu refugees from Bhutan who were in the early part of realizing their own American Dream. To see them compete as one, under one roof was extremely heartwarming.

The prizes were won by:

Art Competition

(1) Elementary (Gold) – Kanika T (Silver) – Adarsha P (Bronze) – Amogha P

(2) Middle / High School (Gold) – Ria Otwani (Silver) – Navya (Bronze) – Lakshmi

Spelling Bee

(1) Elementary (Gold) – Adarsh Shah   (Silver) – Kanika Talwar  (Bronze) – Anshuman Patil

(2) Middle School (Gold) Pawan    Jajoo Silver – Amol Patil  (Bronze) – Chakra Jonnalagadda

(3) High School (Gold) – Asmita Talukdar  (Silver) – Neil Patel   C. Carrom

Under 18 (Gold) – Sudip Tamang  (Silver) – Anuj Jaju  (Bronze) – Pawan Jaju

(2) Open (Gold) – Hitesh Seal (Silver)  – Gayatri Sista  (Bronze) – Venkatesh Gutta


(Gold) – Sai Chilukoori  (Silver) – Amit Banerjee  (Bronze) – Pratik Pohuja

Table Tennis

Singles – Under 18 Gold – Aditya Dargan  Silver – Krishna Goswami

Singles – Open (Gold) – Rudranath Talukdar  (Silver) – Prakash Goswami

Doubles – Open (Gold)  – Shaan Patel and Sanjay Chauhan (Silver) – Rudranath Talukdar and Aditya Dargan


For Further Information, please contact

Rahul Chandra
Secretary, HMSA
Houston Chapter