Protest Against the Construction of Ground Zero Mosque
HMSA Houston, TX Chapter

HMSA’s Houston Chapter protested against the construction of the Ground Zero Mosque in collaboration with ACT for America. HMSA is deeply committed to freedom of religion, and explained its rationale for protest against the GZ mosque based on it being seen as a “victory monument” in the wake of 9/11 attacks and demolition of Twin Towers. Had the mosque been a few blocks away and not presented to the world as a ‘victory mosque’ HMSA would not have any issue with it. GZ mosque represents stifling of dhimmi/pagan/heathen/kafir religions by one particular religion, which in itself is against freedom of religion, hence the protests.

HMSA notes that both Islamic and Christian theologies possess a kernel that is intolerant of other faiths. While the Christians have shed their anti-pagan actions in practice during the post- European Renaissance phase, Islam has yet to go through that transformation. It is hoped that Islam would also shed its anti-Kafir actions in the near future and get itself admitted to the global commonwealth of religions with religious/spiritual pluralism as an operating philosophy. Thence, obviating the need for such protests.