29 Mar 2016

HMSA Condemns Hinduphobia by a Muslim-American in Kemah, TX


March 28th, 2016.

An owner of a Dairy Queen (DQ) in Kemah, Texas has a conspicuously installed a signboard which proclaims, “Obey Preserve Implement Constitution of the USA “NOT” Monkeyism of Dark Ages”. The owner of this DQ is a Muslim citizen of US named Mr. Mohammed Dar. This is reportedly one of the few other Anti-Hindu signs the owner of this DQ has put up. The Hindu Mahasabha of America strongly condemns this act by the owner of the DQ and asks him to remove the derogatory sign posts and offer an unconditional apology to the Hindu society. This act by Mr. Dar who claims that this sign is more about educating, rather than offending the general populace is offensive, hurtful and a poor method to educate the public.READ MORE

29 Mar 2016

Remove the posters denigrating Hindu beliefs from the Dairy Queen in Kemah, TX

Mr. John P. Gainor Jr.,
CEO Dairy Queen

We the undersigned are writing this petition with a request to bring your attention to rather ugly and untowardly posters messages denigrating and insulting Hindu beliefs put up at a Dairy Queen in Kemah, Texas.

As proud immigrants to the USA we are all aware of the iconic brand of Dairy Queen which serves as a neighbourhood ice-cream parlour and eatery. Thousands of practising Hindus visit DQ every day when they want to treat their children for a cup of ice-cream or want to spend some family time together. But recently this pleasant and family friendly image of DQ took a hit due to sad turn of events. When a DQ owner in the town of Kemah, TX Mr.Mohammad Dar, a Muslim U.S citizen of Pakistani origin started displaying absolutely reprehensible sign posts and messages on his DQ business property.READ MORE