Hindu Mahasabha of America Condemns Deganga Pogrom
Press Release

Hindu Mahasabha of America (HMSA) strongly condemns the attacks on Hindu villagers and business in the Deganga region of the state of West Bengal in India. The attacks started on September 6th and continued for three days before the Army was called in to restore order. However, the remote villages continued to be terrorized by Jihadi hordes who surrounded and attacked Hindu hamlets in a well planned and coordinated fashion.  deganga_img_1231_300x200

HMSA demands that the State of West Bengal and the Government of India take action against the perpetrators immediately.  By all accounts the local Member of Parliament, Nurul Islam was the lead instigator of the attacks which occurred right after Ramadan sermons at the local mosque.

HMSA demands that justice and full compensation for the victims who were singled out because they happened to follow a religion that is in the minority in that area.

HMSA further demands that all arrangements be made to hold the most important Hindu festival of the area, Durgapuja, with full administration support and adequate security.

These incidents are what led ultimately to the partition of India in 1947 and must not be allowed to be repeated.