November 11th, 2011 (Houston, TX) – Mr. Pradip Parekh, Convener and Spokesperson of the Global Affairs Committee of the Hindu Mahasabha of America, on behalf of the organization, strongly condemned the killing of four Hindu doctors in Pakistan, and congratulated the State Dept for prodding the Govt of Pakistan to conduct the invesitgation and prosecution of the culprits involved in the killings.
The Hindu community in Pakistan,  constituting well over 30 pct at the time of independence in the region in 1947, is now reduced to barely one percent. The Hindus  constantly have to look over their shoulders lest they incur the wrath of the local Islamists for any perceived wrongs. The girls are often kidnapped, never to be seen again by their families.
The violence targetted against the Hindu community in Bangladesh too is similar and equally deplorable, and needs a speedy solution. We call on the State Dept to address Bangladesh also for these atrocities which are well documented.

It is a shame, however, the Govt of India chooses to remain unconcerned on this issue –  despite a long standing agreement between the two countries (the Nehru-Liaquat Ali Pact) and despite appeals from local people in India.

In our view, the fight against terror is not over until the culture of tolerance and Human Rights manifestly and fully prevails in both Pakistan and Afghanistan. However, the domino can really start from Saudi Arabia which only the USA can set in motion.  The three countries in reality are part of the same problem. The challenge before USA is considerable and we support the efforts of USA in seeking results.

Pradip Parekh
Convener & Spokesperson
Global Affairs Committee
Hindu Mahasabha of America
Tel. 832-800-HMSA