HMSA Hails Narendra Modi on ‘Being  Hindu Nationalist’
July 15th, 2013

July 15th, 2013 – (Wilmington, DE).  Hindu Mahasabha of America (HMSA) hails Narendra Modi on ‘Being Hindu nationalist’  during his interview with Reuters news agency. In the history of 21st century Independence India, he is the first nationalist politician of such stature for openly endorsing and adopting Hindu nationalist ideology. 

 namoIn this golden 21st century, when ‘Pseudo Secularist’ and Islamic politicians  have syndicated with ISI / Jihadist, communist forces and are heavily promoting and implementing Islamic philosophy and anti Hindu projects in total capacity in socio—political & religious platforms across India and abroad,  excessive appeasement of Muslims has led to demoralization of key national security forces, military, suppression of Hindu nationalist organizations followed by degradation of Hindu Vedic culture, values and tradition via constant bombardment of philosophy of power, greed, money, Islamic appeasement using media and Indian film industry as tool. It’s because of such vulnerable situation (a result of appeasement of Anti Hindu nationalist forces)  that Chinese military is now openly threatening India.

Narendra Modi—a visionary Hindu nationalist leader stands apart, by supporting ideology of  Hindu cultural          nationalism (or Hindutva) , Narendra Modi has made Hindu nationalist forces proud and elevated the confidence of Hindu nationalist organizations, leaders and activists worldwide. This marks a  new dawn in the history of India which now commence a sustained war between Hindu nationalist forces and anti Hindu forces with certain defeat of anti Hindu forces in end ( Dharmo rakshati rakshitaha—Dharma protects those who protect it).  In an era when most politician are playing ‘secular card’ and keeping ‘mum’ against grave Adharma to escape getting in direct confrontation with axis of evil (Militant Islam—ISI / Underworld & Maoist ),  Narendra Modi is one brave Hindu leader who has openly challenged Anti Hindu /Anti India forces and has vowed to liquidate such organizations and their vicious evil projects against simple living Hindus. HMSA totally supports Narendra Modi as PM candidate for India. HMSA urge worldwide allied Hindu organizations and activists to support Narendra Modi led movement in complete capacity.

Narendra Modi has echoed ideology of  Veer Vinayak Damodar Savarkar who founded  Hindutva ideology and it’s importance in defining architecture for social, religious, political, economic and military models for national integration. It’s an urgent requirement of India to have Hindu nationalist political leader as this will lead to Hindu nationalist ministers guiding multiple government departments eventually leading to pro Hindu nationalist projects and reforms, strengthen Hindu society and re-establish Vedic foundation for nation building.

HMSA urge all Indian Hindus to vote  and volunteer in total capacity for Hindu Nationalist forces and make them victorious. Hindus from age 18 + should now start developing voters cards and register for 2014 Lok Sabha (Parliament) voting. In democracy voting is most important and pro Hindus should unite to defeat Islamic vote bank. Hindus now should locate Hindu nationalist political leaders in their local area and join or volunteer hours to make them victorious. It’s an opportunity Hindus shouldn’t miss, under the leadership of Hindu Nationalist leader Shri. Narendra Modi—India sees a new future with national Hindutva movement  with developed, prosperous and powerful Hindu Rastra.

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