Hindu Mahasabha of America Says No To The Mosque At Ground Zero
And Proposes A Communal Place of Worship
Issue Much Larger Than “Freedom Of Religion”

Houston, TX – August 19, 2010 –Hindu Mahasabha of America ( HMSA) supports the deep American value of freedom of religious practice and actively advocates for it. As the Hindu Diaspora knows and lives daily, this freedom is not available in many countries. HMSA is therefore actively engaged in the important debate over the proposed mosque near the site of the 9/11 attack upon the U.S. As
Osama Bin Laden has boasted, this attack was the first of many Jihadist attacks on symbols of American power on American soil. This is not a simple case of “freedom of religion” as uninformed political pundits have made it out to be.

mosque_at_ground_zeroThroughout history, Islamic extremists have constructed mosques at places where Islamic armies inflicted damage on their enemies, and demolished monuments including Synagogues, Churches, Monasteries and Temples. Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, and over 2,000 mosques standing today on the ruins of demolished temples in India bear testimony to this

The 9/11 incident represents nothing less than an invasion of the United States at the hands of an invading army. Construction of a mosque at Ground Zero would be no different from the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, or the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. A mosque is a visible symbol of Islamic theology and theocracy. Hence, a mosque at Ground Zero would symbolize a “victory” monument for Islamic terrorists all over the world. Indeed, the Jihadist movement sees it as thus. Their websites make no bones about it. Therefore, it is not appropriate to build the mosque near Ground Zero. This is what needs to be prevented by the city administration and civil society including concerned Muslims.

HMSA therefore calls upon the concerned authorities in New York City to disallow the construction of a mosque at Ground Zero, and further suggests that all the funds collected for building the mosque should be directed towards building a vocational school / training center and communal
place of worship for all faiths. Such a gesture would go a long way in healing the wounds of the 9/11 tragedy.

Hindu Mahasabha of America (or “Hindu Congress of America”) is a grassroots community organization dedicated to socio-political empowerment of American Hindus.