Art Competition Rules

1. Each child will be given a clean sheet  and 2:30  hours to complete the art work from 1pm-3:30 pm

2. Art Work Theme:  Anything related to any Hindu Festival.

3. Each Child may give the drawing/ painting a name, but they are not allowed to put their own name

4. Each sheet will have a unique number given by event coordinator. Contestant should not put their name on the drawing or they will be disqualified

5. Each participant will get a certificate for participating.

6. Event coordinator will also take photos of art work and participant for our website.

7. It is preferred that each child will remain at Durga Bari until the award ceremony.

8. Parents may not be around the children although they may be waiting for them at either temple.

9. Contestant are not allowed to use special tools or take any help from parents, friends etc in completeing the art work.

10. Contestant are allowed maximum three entries (each entry will cost $5). The alloted time will remain fee regardless of number of entries

11: Judges decision will be final.