Spelling Bee Rules

Three Groups based on current school year – No exception
Group A – Grade 3,4,5
Group B – Grade 6,7,8
Group C – Grade 9,10,11,12

Round 1 (Setting: seated on tables)
All participants are given a sheet to write their answers. 15 words of High, Medium and Low complexity are pronounced (twice). After the last word is pronounced, one minute is given to complete the changes. First five (5)  from each category are picked based on the number of correct answers.

In case of a tie, 3 words are given to break the tie.

Round 2 (setting: on the stage)
Every participant is called and given 1 minute to spell a word announced by announcer.
With the word, usage of the word is also given in a sentence. Five words are given to each participant in round robin fashion:

1 point is awarded for a correct answer. The words get tougher as the round progresses.
In the event of a tie, a rapid round tie-breaker will be done.

Webster’s Third New International Dictionary
After 30 seconds, the announcer will give a visual indication. The whole word has to be completely pronounced in 1 minute else the point will not be awarded. If the participant has started to spell before 1 minute is over, it is upon announcer’s discretion to let the participant continue.

Having started to spell a word in oral competition, a speller may stop and start over,
retracing the spelling from the beginning; in retracing, however,
there can be no change of letters or their sequence from those first pronounced.
If letters or their sequence is changed in the respelling, the point is not given.

Spellers onstage may not use devices to time themselves or other spellers.

Judges decision will be final