Subramanian Swamy Visits Houston, Texas
Dr. Swamy calls for eradication of corruption, crowned “Dharmaveer” by the HMSA

July 26th, 2012
Houston, Texas
The Hindu Mahasabha of America (HMSA) welcomed Dr. Subramanian Swamy in Houston where he, in a public address, chronicled the specter of corruption in the Indian Government which stifles the economy and threatens the national security of India.swamy2012_1
Dr. Swamy received a rousing welcome at a well attended public meeting where Mr. Pradip Parekh, Convener of HMSA’s  Global Affairs Committee, introduced him to the people of Houston, hailing him as “Dharmaveer”, a title HMSA conferred on Dr. Swamy with an honorarium in the amount $2,000 to a wide acclaim.  The title Dharmaveer was given in recognition of his longstanding service to the people of India that has seen him in a dogged fight in the supreme court of India against the astronomical loot of the national treasury by the current Indian government controlled by Sonia Gandhi and run by her appointees in the federal cabinet of ministers. (Picture: Dr. Swamy addresses the audience, while Mr. Pradip Parekh, Convener of the Global Affairs Committee of the HMSA looks on).
Dr. Swamy articulated that this unsustainable loot has amounted over the years to over 1.5 trillion US dollars (or 70 Lakh crore Indian Rupee s), and running at a clip of about 45 pct of India’s GDP.  These forays into the national treasury by the ruling govt has reduced India to one of the most corrupt countries, causing widespread gut wrenching poverty in India. Explaining the modu s operandi of the corrupt govt of India presided over by a figurehead Prime Minister M.M. Singh, and run absentee by Sonswamy2012_2ia Gandhi,  Dr. Swamy informed that the swindled money from India’s treasury is run through dubious channnels directed from Dubai by the Hawala operators allied with Pakistan’s terror-master ISI, which leaves Indian govt terribly vulnerable to Pa kistani blackmail, thus affecting national security.  This ill-gotten wealth then finds a ready home in  Swis s  banks which levies a 2pswamy2012_3ct service fees on it.(Picture: The audience listens to Dr. Swamy with rapt attention)
The Indian govt has in recent months instituted a new tool c alled the “Participatory Notes”, championed by Mr. Chidambaram, where by this ill gotten wealth is brough back into the country with no questions asked, and finds its way into the inflationary real estate market, stock market and luxury goods. Dr. Swamy explained that 70pct of growth in the Indian economy is toward these “investments” and luxury go ods; the economic world of the common people remain largely high and dry, and hence the largescale poverty. (Picture: Dr. Swamy is seen with – R to L – Shri Dilip Mehta, President of HMSA, his wife Mrs. Kusum Mehta, and Mrs. Aneeta Chakrabarty, former Chairperson of the HMSA Board of Directors).
swamy2012_4Corruption is the proximate cause of substandard goods and living in India. As bad as the 2G scam was (worth $40 billions), the coal mining scam is 3 times the 2G scam and the oil-field scam is 7 times as much. Dr. Swamy explained that if the wealth looted by the govt were to be rightfully restored to the national treasury, India would be one the most propserous countries in the world, and that no citizen of India would have to pay any taxes for years. (Picture: From L to Right: Mrs. Aneeta Chakrabarty, an unidentified person, Dr. Swamy, Mr. Divyakant Parikh, Chairman of the Houston Chapter of HMSA, and Mr. Rahul Chandra, Secretary of the HMSA).
Earlier, Dr. Swamy attended a private dinner hosted by and for the members of the HMSA.

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